phpBB 3.3.6 Release

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phpBB 3.3.6 Release

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Greetings everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of phpBB 3.3.6 “The Book of Bertie”. This version is a maintenance release of the 3.3.x branch which introduces support for SVG and WebP images in ranks, smilies, and topic icons, as well as improved performance of the phpBB native search engine. It also resolves various issues reported in previous versions.

The fixes include, among others, the topic selection not properly working on Moderator Control Panel (MCP) pages and resolved issues with double-escaping of config data inserted into the database.
We also introduced further hardening in the form of longer random strings for the activation keys and resetting the login keys after a password change.

In addition to these, we have decided to rename the Automatic Update to Advanced Update. This was done in order to more clearly state that this is no longer the recommended update method for phpBB installations without changes to core files. The downloads page now features an “Update” tab with instructions on how to update your board the recommended way.

The full list of changes is available in the changelog file within the docs folder contained in the release package. You can find the key highlights of this release below and a list of all issues fixed on our tracker at

The packages can be downloaded from our downloads page.

The development team thanks everyone who contributed code to this release: rxu, 3D-I, Dark❶, Arshid, Christian Schnegelberger, DSR!, MichaIng, Mikir

If you have any questions or comments, we'll be happy to address them in the discussion topic.

- The phpBB Team

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