About Me

About Me

Hello. My name is Dimetrodon (not my real name of course, just a tribute to an underrated mammal-like reptile). As for me, I'm just some amateur who cannot progress past making MODs even though I should be making Extensions at this point. Here is also where I comment on the phpBB project as well as anything else I feel the need to comment on.

I do offer some phpBB support, both on this site and on phpBB.com, but mainly on phpBB.com, since it is a much more active site for obvious reasons.

So yeah, this is my own little website just to establish a minor web presence. (Something that has unfortunately been on the decline in this corporitized internet.) Sadly, the era where personalized forums were everything has given way to large social media platforms out to steal user data.

Anyway, this site is nothing fancy at the moment. Maybe that will change but it probably won't.