Changing names of pre-defined groups

Description: Changing the names of the original pre-defined groups in phpBB 3.3.x

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Normally, per-defined groups cannot have their names changed, however, there is a workaround by editing common.php that can be found in "language/en/common.php" (For other languages, it should be in its respective language folder. For instance, if your language is French, it would be in "language/fr/common.php") Regardless, the structure will be similar.

For instance, the following lines can be found in common.php and by default (in English), they appear as:

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    'G_ADMINISTRATORS'            => 'Administrators',
    'G_BOTS'                    => 'Bots',
    'G_GUESTS'                    => 'Guests',
    'G_REGISTERED'                => 'Registered users',
    'G_REGISTERED_COPPA'        => 'Registered COPPA users',
    'G_GLOBAL_MODERATORS'        => 'Global moderators',
    'G_NEWLY_REGISTERED'        => 'Newly registered users', 

By changing their names on the right, their names can be de facto changed.

For instance, on this site, I have changed it to read:

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    'G_ADMINISTRATORS'            => 'Site Admins',
    'G_BOTS'                    => 'Web Bots',
    'G_GUESTS'                    => 'Guests',
    'G_REGISTERED'                => 'Members',
    'G_REGISTERED_COPPA'        => 'COPPA Members',
    'G_GLOBAL_MODERATORS'        => 'Site Moderators',
    'G_NEWLY_REGISTERED'        => 'New Members', 

This in effect changed their names, as you can see here. The group is now named "Members" as opposed to "Registered users". If you want different names, you can change the names on the right to practically anything you want. However, do not edit the portion that starts with G_ as that will result in your board not working the way it should.

Disclaimer: When saving changes to your file and re-uploading it to your server, you need to ensure that it is saved as UTF-8 without BOM