Requiring Post Approval For Problematic Users

Description: Placing a problematic user on the moderation queue. The moderation queue means that posts by certain users need to be approved by a moderator before they will be visible.

Categories: phpBB 3.3.x

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In later versions of phpBB, there is a feature called the moderation queue, which is a feature enabled by default for Newly Registered Users. But what about users who are regulars but are just generally problematic? As an alternative to a ban, a user can be placed on the moderation queue.

The first thing that needs to be done is the creation of a new "moderation queue" group. This can be done under the ACP > Users and Groups > Manage Groups > Great New Group.


In this example, I created the group already as "Registered users on moderation queue."

Then go to "group forum permissions."


Select the group from the dropdown.


Check "all forums" on the next form.


Set the permissions to "On the moderation queue" for all public forums. For private moderator forums, set permissions to "No access."

Then finally, press "Apply all permissions" on the bottom of the page.