Moderating Posts by New Users

Description: How to set up posts by new users to require moderator approval. (ie. placing Newly Registered Users on the moderation queue.)

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What is the moderation queue? The moderation qeue is a feature build into phpBB that allows board admins to require that posts be approved by a moderator before they will be publicly visible. It is set up on a per group and per forum basis. It has numerous applications, such as keeping spam off your board or keeping an eye on problematic users.

So how do you set it up? For Newly Registered Users, do the following:

Go to your ACP > Board Configuration > User Registration Settings.


The Setting "New member post limit" sets up the minimum amount of posts a user needs to leave the NRU group and by extension, out of the moderation queue. In this example, I set it to one, though the default is three. That being said, in most situations, mandating the first post be approved is all that's needed.

New for setting permissions.

Go to ACP > Permissions tab > Group Forum Permissions > Select Newly registered users from the dropdown > Check "All forums" on the select forum page > set to "Newly registered user access" for all public forums.


and select all forums


and select "Newly registered user access" in the dropdown for all forums on the page.


Then click "Apply all permissions" at the bottom of the screen.

You must click "Apply all permissions" for your changes to stick!

Newly registered user access means the permission "Can post without approval" is set to Never. This blocks that permission from being granted to NRUs despite it being set to yes for Registered users, and makes for a useful tool against spam posts. Of course, this is temporary, and only applies to users below a certain post count.